Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rhum Barbancourt Charts Unprecented Growth in Canada

Montreal – While it may be Haiti’s best-known export, Rhum Barbancourt is fast becoming one of Canada’s favorite imports. The rum, available in five flavors, was launched in Quebec earlier this year and will soon be available in Ontario.

With flavors including Rhum Barbancourt White, Pango Rhum, Rhum Barbancourt Three Star (aged four years), Rhum Barbancourt Five Star (aged eight years) and Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve (aged 15 years), Crillon Importers has shipped more than 20,000 bottles to Canadian suppliers, and Rhum Banbancourt Three Star is now available in more than 200 stores in Quebec.

“Rhum Barbancourt is known as ‘the rum of connoisseurs for a reason,” said National Vice President of Sales Mike Yamera, Crillon Importers. “With a refined and versatile taste and experience, it is no surprise that this rum is charming so many people in Canada.”

In addition to the popular Rhum Barbancourt Three Star, Pango Rhum, aged dark rum that is hand-blended with natural mango and pineapple and the latest addition to the Rhum Barbancourt line, is also exceeding expectations in Canada. The younger rums are traditionally used in mixes and cocktails, while the older rums are excellent when sipped like a Cognac.

In addition to rum sales, the Barbancourt Foundation supports numerous nonprofit groups and activities for Haiti, focusing on youth and sports, education, arts and culture, and health.

About Crillon Importers
Rhum Barbancourt is imported and marketed in the United States by Crillon Importers. Located in Paramus, New Jersey, Crillon Importers was founded by legendary spirits marketer Michel Roux. In addition to Rhum Barbancourt, Crillon imports a variety of spirit brands including Opal Nera, Absente “Absinthe Refined,” Pango Rhum and Grande Absente Absinthe Originale. For more information, please visit


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