Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Introducing Pango Rhum, A one-of-a-kind flavored aged dark rum from the makers of Rhum Barbancourt


New York, NY – Michel Roux of Crillon Importers and Thierry Gardere of Rhum Barbancourt recently announced the U.S. launch of Pango Rhum, an ultra-premium aged dark Rum made directly from 100% sugar cane juice, hand blended with natural pineapple, mango and a secret Haitian spice. The first line extension from Rhum Barbancourt in over 30 years!

Michel Roux, the master of redefining the cutting edge who introduced the United States to ABSOLUT Vodka, single-handedly invented Bombay Sapphire Gin and Stolichnaya Vodka's popular flavor portfolio, once again breaks new ground in creating Pango Rhum. "The Rum category has been complacent for some time, offering "me too" products or products with perceived quality through marketing gimmicks. So we wanted to create something so extraordinary, built on the award winning substance of Rhum Barbancourt, it would speak to both rum connoisseurs and younger cutting edge consumers alike. I'm not only confident we've created one of the world's best flavored Rums, but also one of my crowning achievements in this industry," states Chairman, Michel Roux. Thierry Gardere, Brand Owner of Rhum Barbancourt, states, "The relationship with Crillon Importers not only enables us to expand our portfolio of high-end Rum brands in the United States, but also provides employment opportunities at the
distillery here in Haiti due to the increasing demand for Rhum Barbancourt. We have been witnessing Michel Roux's dynamic brand-building capabilities first hand and look forward to continuing our successful enterprise."

What makes Pango Rhum so superior? Rather than using molasses, which is the common ingredient used for making most Rums, Pango Rhum is made directly from locally grown sugar cane. The 100% pure sugar cane juice, pressed from hand cut cane, is distilled twice in copper pot stills. It is then barrel aged in white Limousin oak barrels imported from France. The aged dark Rum is then hand blended with natural pineapple, mango and a secret spice. This process yields distinctively unique and refreshing Rum, bursting with flavor. The unparalleled vibrancy, character and quality of Pango Rhum are truly indicative of the superior ingredients and production process.

Pango Rhum can be enjoyed straight on the rocks with a twist of lime, or with a splash of cola and lime. You can also enjoy our signature drink, The "Pango Tango." Pour 2oz of Pango Rhum into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Add 1 oz of cola, 1 oz of soda water or seltzer and a splash of fresh lime juice. We recommend garnishing this incredibly delicious drink with a lime wedge. You can also compliment any of your favorite cocktails with Pango Rhum. Pango Rhum is a soothing 70 proof, a perfect balance between the luscious Rum taste and natural fruit and spice flavors. One taste and you'll understand why Rhum Barbancourt has been honored with awards and accolades for over a century and has emerged as the "Rum of connoisseurs."

Pango Rhum was rolled-out nationally and was made available in most US markets by end of 2006/ beginning of 2007. Pango Rhum is available in the 750ml size for the suggested retail price of $16.99 and is available in the 50ml size.
Pango Rhum is imported and marketed in the United States by Crillon Importers. Located in Paramus, New Jersey, Crillon Importers was founded by legendary spirits marketer Michel Roux. In addition to Pango Rhum, Crillon imports a variety of spirit brands including Rhum Barbancourt, Absente, Absinthe Refined, Grande Absente, Absinthe Originale and Magellan Gin.


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